SSD Storage question



Hi guys, I don't really know that much about computers and storage, I bought an Agility 3 in November (120 gb) and I have my OS installed on it etc. Problem being I need more space for my games, I was thinking of buying a Crucial M4 256gb and use it as a storage drive, I just want to put all of my games on it really as 120gb isn't enough any more.

I have a 500gb WD 7200 RPM drive that I just use for DVDs, recording my games to and such, I was just wondering if an SSD would work in the same way as this drive, i.e. plug in, install games, launch them with no problems.

Sorry for the simple question, always best to ask experienced people :)



Apr 6, 2012

In this guide, there are some steps that will open up a ton of space on your SSD, particularly:

#3 disabling system restore
#4 turning off indexing for your drives
#6 turning off the pagefile
#7 turning off hibernate

Also, if you use steam, this tool is pretty great for moving just one or two games to your SSD instead of your whole steam install:

If you wanna get more advanced, google mklink, you can use this command line tool to move things around (such as programs accidentally installed on your SSD) so that they think they're in the same spot, but they're really off on your storage drive.

I personally use a 60Gb ssd, and am able to manage it so that I don't really need more (though a 120 would be nice :) ). I would say there is no need to get a 256G drive unless you've got plenty of spare cash :)