Question SSD Strange pikes when reading

Apr 12, 2020
Please help me to find out why my SSD is freezing around 8-10 second when gaming several times. I did a check with Sentinel, the rsult attached.
You can see the first half I have copied a data from the SSD to another, then wrote back the files on the second part. Reading the files were took 1-2 minute, write it were took 3 second. (the file was 1,5GB) between the reading process you can see, there is strange pikes, whenever the read is started, around 100 mb/s the process is shuts and the disk waits 8-10 second to start again, over and over.


During games, that is quite annoying, sometimes the whole game is freezing for that 8-10 second, but even there is the case, when everything runs smooth, but only the minimap is not loaded, or the song behind the game is dissappear for several seconds - Quite every game doing the same - I have tried to use my main SSD, where the OS is located, but each game runs perfect on it...

The system is on AHCI, the cable is able to transfer 6gb/s, even the motherboard has SATA3 ports, drivers are up to date, and also the firmwares. (even the BIOS firmware)

Please help me to solve, I do not want to run to the store to buy a new SSD a this one is Kingstone 500GB (thought it's a good brand, but who knows? My next anyhow will be Samsung for sure)