SSD Swap, will not boot without original drive

Jun 21, 2018
So i'll try to make this simple.

licensed win 7 installed on 120gb ssd, upgraded to win10. Later wanted to upgrade drive to 250 ssd, I did and copied it(cant remember how i cloned) original drive is empty.(well 200mb is used ) SO if i remove the 120. it will not boot. just keeps going into bios. setting the boot to the 250 where everything is installed doesn't do anything. the minute i put the 120 back it boots normally into windows. under disk management the 250 has the efi/boot/page file/crash dump/ marked primary partition and recovery partition. the 120 is empty... so any fix? i dont need the 120 anymore and i actually am selling it but without it... again it will not boot.... anyone have any ideas what the deal with this is? I can't figure it out


can you show us a screen shot of disk management? upload it to an image sharing site and show link here.

Did you try swapping sata cables so new drive is running off the same connector on motherboard that old one was on?

Have you tried removing all drives and only having 250 in?