Sep 8, 2008
Hi everyone
I have a Samsung 830 Series 128gb for OS with 2 games and a 1TB HDD for data. I have just seen the 256gb size for same price i paid for the 128gb only 4 months ago :( so now im thinking of getting it and using as my 3rd storage for games (until i do a format again then i will use the 256gb for OS) I want the benefit of SSD loading speeds and to have more games installed and ready to play, my question is will Trim be enabled automatically on windows 7 for a 2nd SSD?
Thanks in advance :)
AHCI is subset of RAID, and the RAID is not supported by TRIM at this time (wait for the new driver from intel) so that your 2nd SSD will not get the trim command. But your ssd will probably still work well even without trim.

^ He made no mention of raid.
Yes you should be fine. All 4 of my systems use 2 SSDs, one for OS + Programs and the 2nd for a "working" disk.

Unless you have problems with your Windows Installation, ot want to "Clean" your registry.
You can have the 256 Gig set up and booted to without doing the re-install of everything.
Windows 7 Backup (loc in contril panel, sysetem), allows you to create an Image for the "C" drive and system partition (Your SSD). I normally make this write after a clean instal, windows update, drivers installed and programs installed, Then use this as my "fresh Install). I place on internal HDD and copy to externall HDD. Takes about 10 Minutes to place image back on NEW SSD, Or old one to refresh), boot and back up to exactly the same state as when Image was created.
One additional step, when going from 128 -> 256 gig SSD, after windows and programs up and runing. o to disk management and EXPAND 128 volume to 256 Gig.

RAID implies AHCI. AHCI is not RAID and is the proper setting for SSDs for trim. No where did he mention RAID or AHCI. They are Samsung SSDs. no where did he mention Intel. So? What on earth?

TRIM should work fine on the second SSD. you can check its enabled when you add the drive to the system.