Question SSD trouble

Feb 11, 2022

New here, but seemed like a great place to ask as it's been a helpful forum over the years.

So I bought two older used pcs for my sons.
Both PCs are Packard Bell iXtreme m5880 with i5 and 8 GB of ram.
Nothing fancy but fine for Roblox and so.
One came with an SSD and one with an old HDD.

I went and bought a extra SSD, installed Windows on it, updated and all was fine until shutdown. Monitor goes off but the computer still has fans active and the usb ports still have power.
After trying different potential solutions I decided to change the SSD's to see what happened and sure enough the problem followed the new SSD. After the switch the other PC didn't power down. Switched back again and the problem followed.

Tried the following:
  • Turn of fastboot
  • Used a bat file for shutdown and I [?]
  • No fastboot
  • CMOS Reset
  • Reinstall Windows

Does anyone know what could cause this?
Maybe it's because some SSDs can't be used as primary storage?