[SOLVED] SSD upgrade for HP Server


An old customer left me for another company who offered them some big package. Now they've come back. Because they were sold an expensive server that's horribly slow for their needs. Slower than what they were limping on before. Now I need to fix it.

They have an HPE Proliant ML350 Gen10 server. It's used for databases and needs lots of high read IOPS. The files aren't huge. But have millions of entries. So, a database that's maybe a few hundred MB in size takes minutes to load on client computers. When multiple employees are loading databases. Everything grinds to a halt. Since it's using seven hard drives in RAID 6 instead of an NVMe SSD.

I'm trying to find out if there's any issue installing 2x NVMe PCIe x8 RAID card. With these servers or if there's some issue with their BIOS which will cause problems. I'll be running 2x2TB NVMe in RAID 1. Like I said they don't have a ton of storage needs. They just need high IOPS. Any recommendations for cards?

The server itself seems capable enough. I don't want to see them wasting anymore money than necessary to get the storage speed issue fixed. Since they are thinking of just dumping the server. So, I'm making sure this upgrade can be easily transported to another computer.


Then it should work.
I don't have any recommendations for a specific RAID card, though.

As always, backups as wella s the RAID.
Of course, it’s backing up to a NAS and the cloud.. The RAID1 is just for convenience. In case of disk failure.

Mostly since I couldn’t take the server down during the work day. To check out the BIOS. I wanted to make sure HP didn’t put any limits in the BIOS for add on cards on the servers. Since I’ve seen that on some desktops.

This won’t be a boot drive. I’m considering recommending a Highpoint RocketRAID and load it with Samsung 980 Pro or 970 Evo Plus. Enterprise cards seem overkill. Since they aren’t doing a ton of writes or reads.


I’ve also just read of issues with HPE servers having thermal runaway errors with third party hard drives. Where the fans ramp up or even shut the server down due to false temperature readings.

I wasn’t sure if this was just when attaching non HPE drives to the hot swap bays and built in controller. If this was also an issue with third party cards. Or if it still affects the gen10 servers.


Well I've been able to spend some time digging into the HPE ProLiant ML350 specs. Found a support document that it supports option cards which support UEFI option ROM. Also it has the Intel C622 Chipset.

The card I'm looking at using is the Highpoint SSD7502. It's support documents specifically say they support the Intel C622 chipset and UEFI option ROM. It also supports PCIe 3.0, Server 2016 and the Samsung 970 and 980 lines. So, everything tells me. The two should work together.

Unless anyone can think of why it wouldn't work. I'll recommend it.