Question SSD USB Adapter

Nov 26, 2018
Hey guys,

My mobo is making me crazy. Looks like the IDE controller is not working anymore. I need to switch between my SATA ports to get it working. I should buy another one, but no money right now. So, I’m considering to buy some USB to SATA adapters that I saw in some stores. My question is that should work? Note that I’ll not have my SSD disk connected to the SATA ports in my mobo. My OS/boot should be over that adapter. My BIOS has the option to select/use another disk, I checked that when I use a regular pen drive, I can choose between and boot from the pen drive, so I guess I’m good about this part, but note sure thinking about using this adapter as my main disk driver.

Have you guys got this working before? Any advise?

Thank you!
Well if anyone has a USB to SATA they can try it for us all - I'd still say it won't work, and if I had one I would try it for you.
I understand it should, but I don't think it will - proove me wrong and I'll end the error of my ways. :D


Mar 16, 2013
From the computer's perspective I don't think USB to SATA adapter would appear any different than a USB flash drive, and you can definitely boot from a flash drive.
Booting from an install flash drive is completely different than installing and booting from Windows on a USB drive.

It can be done with Win2Go. But it is a pain,. and it is slow.
And you can't just pop an existing drive with an OS into an enclosure, and expect it to work.