Feb 28, 2011
I'm thinking about getting a Dell Latitude computer with a solid state drive. I use it mostly for photo books and I use photoshop elements to repair and scan old photos for the books. Do you think this computer with a ssd would be best for me. I've had 3 computers and external hd's crash and I'm hoping the ssd would be better.
SSDs have no moving parts and are definitely more reliable than conventional hard disks. The Latitude with SSD would be a great choice because of the SSD.

The laptop will be fine with an SSD, but photo files are large, and an external HDD with backup would be the way to go.

Backups are absolutely essential no matter what system one has.


May 6, 2011
A SSD would probably not be the best way to go if your going for storage. Most of them are small, in the 256 Gig range and anything bigger gets VERY expensive, think about a grand for 500 Gigs. The other problem is the life of the product, I have a very lucky friend who's work decided to go with these drive. Super fast and never any problems, until about a years worth of use, at which time they all eventually crapped out and were slower then most old SATA drive. My advice, wait till the SSD 3's come out later this year, they're supposed to be just as fast and last twice as long.