SSD with HDD storage setup


May 12, 2012
Hi, I have an 120gb SSD that I would like to run my OS and apps off of, while having a 1tb HDD as storage space. My question is how do I setup the HDD as storage? Do I need to have an install of my OS on the HDD as well, and just boot off the SSD? Any insight would help.


Aug 25, 2006

No. In your BIOS make sure your ssd is the first drive to boot before the HDD. Have your cd/dvd as boot1,ssd 2 and hdd3. Insert your OS disc in the DVD, reboot and install the OD onto the ssd (follow directions and choose the correct drive). When it is finished installing the ssd will be drive C and the HDD will be either D or E (the cd/dvd might be D). Then you are good to go. Be diligent when installing programs. Always use custom install and don't install them on the ssd unless you want them on it. Also when a program installs on the ssd drive you might be able to go into the settings for the program and set downloads etc for the 1 Tb HDD. Good luck.


May 8, 2012
If Windows doesn't immediately recognize the secondary drive you can dig a bit deeper by going into:

Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Storage>Disk Management

You can see a visual representation of your disks.
1) DO NOT install HDD, just install the SSD.
2) when Power on, go to Bios and verif/set HDD controller to AHCI.
3) Install windows, let windows do it's updates, install drivers and software.
4) Once windows is installed on SSD and SSD is set to #1 for boot prioity, then Power off and put your HDD in.
... Follow super-smashman 's methode to initialize/partition, and format HDD