Question SSD without overheating problem

Nov 24, 2020
I would like to buy an SSD and use it for heavy data transfer applications. I have read that many SSDs suffer from overheating. Do you know SSDs that don't have the overheating problem?
lol Don’t base anything off stuff you see on YouTube most of those guys are morons. Look for one that has a heat sink I guess if you really care or go with a different type I think this is a bunch of nonsense in that video
nvme should have very close numbers to sata ssd for 4k rendering. If you are really concerned with nvme heat issues and your system doesn't have a good place to install and cool it, go with Samsung Evo Sata3 ssd instead. you will get almost the same performance with rendering anyway.

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I have never personally noticed heat issues with ANY ssd as I said earlier.
Well as my m.2 from samsung PM961 is being used, It would ramp up to 80-90C (now max 60C), but originally it was OEM for laptops, officially I've bought it second hand, tends to overheat (yes likely you would need heatsink or good amount of airflow across it).
And if you ask, yes it loses perfomance as it heats up (best temperature is around 50*C, no more no less).
I would not worry much about a m.2 device overheating.
It takes about 30 seconds of continuous sequential data transfer for a m.2 to heat up sufficiently to throttle.
At that point, it simply slows down until the situation improves.
No harm is done.

Yes, there are some m.2 that come with heat sinks, and there are aftermarket heat sinks. In either case, a bit of airflow over the device is needed to keep it cooler.
If you think about it, this is another negative for aio liquid coolers; they rob the motherboard from the airflow which a air cooler gives.
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There's only like one possible area of concern with M.2 SSDs overheating, and it's easily avoided:
If the motherboard has a slot above the gpu, and said gpu is neither blower, hybrid cooled, or custom cooled, then do not install the SSD there.
The axial fan cooled models dump their waste heat inside the chassis, and a M.2 placed above it is right in the path of that heat.
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