SSD wont boot without HDD in system


Apr 18, 2014
Moved my OS from a HDD to an SSD all the files got copied and now it wont boot from my SSD even though I have it set as a my boot device and If I try to unplug the HDD it wont boot at all and sometimes it boots as fast as if I was booting from an SSD.


did you move the master boot record MBR to the SSD?
I moved the windows but the MBR stayed on the SSD and I couldn't boot without the hard drive.
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Carskaterboyz you are giving too little of necessary information.

You need to provide details about:
OS version;
screenshot from Disk Management;
how exactly did you do this OS moving to SSD?
what are error messages?

And about R_1 comment.
I'm sorry but nobody moves MBR. You can just remake it, if somehow it got corrupted/invalid.

assuming Windows not Linux
(you must tell us what version of operating system you are using)

You need a Windows DVD or bootable USB (optionally a system repair disk)
Which must be for same operating system as on SSD
(especially 32 or 64 bit MUST match but Home or Pro need not match)

You disconnect both cables from HDD
you set BIOS/UEFI to boot off Windows DVD/USB

You let Windows repair start up files
This is automated in latter Windows versions

You then power down & reconnect HDD

Boot up go into BIOS/UEFI and check that SSD is still set as boot device

(if only one SSD or HDD it is automatically set as boot device, when you add second device the setting may get changed)


Mike Barnes
When Windows is installed, it looks for a hard drive by default(not SSD) to put the boot partition on. If you have a HDD connected during the OS install, then the boot partition gets put on the HDD and the OS gets put on the SSD leaving you with the situation you're in. If you disconnect all the HDD's - leaving only the SSD connected, then the install will put the boot partition on the ssd along with the OS partition.