Question Ssd wont bootbut works

May 17, 2019
So, I woke up today to start my computer into a 9c boot problem, got rid of it and tried to boot only to find out that the error was caused by my ssd failing to boot and the MB trying other boot options. Unpluged the ssd pluged it into another pc. Still wont boot, but when i boot the other pc to its normal boot drive and in windows finding the ssd, it works, all the files are there everything works just wont boot. I don't know what else to try, any suggestions?
Disk may appear and be in good order but not boot because of corrupted file system or boot sector. Those things may not be apparent unless booted from it.
You apparently didn't make a backup so it maybe time to start now.
Install Macrium Reflect free to that other system, let it make a bootable USB, boot from it on your computer with your disk installed and choose BOOT repair.
Once fixed, use MR to make regular system backups.