Question SSD Write Speeds for Gaming


Jul 9, 2011

I recently bought an NVME drive in a capacity that has less sequential write speed than I expected (I didn't scroll down far enough to see this...) I purchased it because I had some issues with FPS in a game with lots of object loading that a person with an inferior PC, besides having an NVME over my SATA SSD, did not have. I was getting around 40 FPS in an area where they got over 100 FPS despite having a mini PC with an inferior graphics card and the same CPU as me.

I'm wondering what sort of impact having 1200 MB/s write over 2300 MB/s sequential write might have on loading and unloading times in games that have lots of it. Is it worth exchanging for the higher capacity drive to get the higher write speed?
There seems to be a lot of confusion of SSDs and gaming. They have little to no effect on actual performance which include framerate. Everything you see in a game is already loaded in your system memory along with the VRAM on your GPU which is far superior to any SSD in terms of speed. The reason he got better frames could be a combination of lots of things including RAM, CPU, GPU, game settings, resolution etc.

Getting back to you original question, someone with a standard 7200RPM HDD will have the same performance as an NVME drive.