[SOLVED] SSD x 2 Raid 0 cloned to single HDD then back to 2 SSD Raid 0 - Status now?

Jan 26, 2022
System: (in service since 2010)
2 - Crucial SSD C300 64GB SATA 6GB/s (this had the RAID 0 on it)
500GB Barracuda HDD (this was cloned to)
Marvell RAID on chip
Mobo - Rampage III Extreme, BIOS
Windows 10-64

Would like to get system back to 2 SSDs Raid 0 setup.
Can I just clone the HDD back over to 2 new SSDs?
Not sure if it's currently a RAID that is in effect on the HDD.

It's working fine but naturally slow with the step-down to HDD.
HDD shows same size (110GB) as the original 2 SDDs Raid setup. Has about 300+GB unallocated - forgot to change settings to use the entire disk in clone software.

Was getting "Fixing (C:) Stage 2" errors automatically. On it's own would reboot and then go into repair mode.
After many hours would never go past about 11 seconds ETA.
I could bypass the Fixing and boot to Windows. System was very slow.

Installed the HDD into PC.
Successfully used Macrium Reflect Free to clone the 2 SSD Raid 0 over to the HDD.
Next, disconnected the SSD cables and then cabled the HDD into same port SSD was ported.
Boot into BIOS and change boot disk to HDD (just cloned to). (the Marvell Raid was no longer seen in BIOS)
Save BIOS settings and let boot.
There were a few dark screens but eventually I got a Windows login screen as the original.
Did Properties of HDD/Tools/Error checking......to clean up an errors.
Done it quite a few times. If it was the same system, and being cloned back to the same system shouldn't have any issues since it already had the raid drivers in it. Clone it from RAID to HDD, I would then remove ALL drives BUT the two drives you want to make the RAID with, make the RAID 0 and then add the drive back in and then clone it from the HDD back to the RAID.

Reason i say remove all drives is it is too easy to mess things up and make a raid with a wrong drive or convert a non raid drive to a raid drive and wipe your data.