SSDs Are Stupid Cheap Right Now -- and They’ll Be Even Cheaper on Prime Day


I couldn't wait. I bought a MX500 1tb for $100.

Maybe Windows 10 will be on sale. I need a license.
I wouldn't hold your breath on that one, I bought a 10 Pro license back in March and it was $140 then, and it's still going for $140. Software (especially operating systems) is usually something that doesn't get heavily discounted during Prime Day / Black Friday / etc.


Almost 2 months ago, I got a SATA 2.5" Crucial MX500 SSD for my dad's computer for under $100. His system doesn't have an M.2 slot.

He had a 1TB hard drive, but Windows seemed to thrash it a lot. It's a Haswell i3 with 4GB of RAM, and while I was concerned with the RAM, his typical usage didn't even hit 3GB.

He never complained about the system, saying it was just fine. Still, I noticed, delays when logging in, the system being sluggish until Windows and whatever else did whatever they deemed was so important, and then it would, in fact, be fine.

I would've bought a smaller one. His 1TB hard drive had under 50GB of data being used. But at around $90 for the 1TB, spending around $65 for the 500GB or $45 for the 250GB just seemed foolish.

Backed up some data, swapped the drive (and given the tight confines of the case, velcroing it to the inside wall of the case makes for much easier access, should the need arise, than removing panels, and the front cage that holds the old HDD and the optical drive).

He'd said it was fine before. Now, however, he's pretty astonished. Boot up is so much faster, the thing is ready to go the instant he logs in, and shutdown is near instant, whereas before he said shutdown was 30 to 50 seconds.

Night and day doesn't begin to describe it.

But - while I'd be hesitant about 3rd party sellers, damn, I wish I'd seen that Amazon deal for the 2TB 660p for $103!! Would've been perfect for my son's PC.