SSD's GUID or MBR format?



Hi all,
Just wondering what the general consensus was on GUID and MBR for SSD's.
I realise using GUID, large disks 2.2Tb+, and Multple Partitions 6+ on SSD's is too expensive for most of us (billionares excepted in your SSD raid # array) you end up looking at File alocation reliability (mulit-redundent sets).
I'm not really sure on any advantages of using MBR except if your MOBO/OS does not support Booting from GUID's?



As long as your bios supports GPT it shouldn't matter, but I use MBR as there is no performance advantage and it *may* at some point be less problematic. Newer stuff causes more issues, at least in the 30+ years of my experience. :)