SSD's not detectible in BIOS after enabling/disabling RAID

Oct 26, 2018
HI all,

so I Enabled RAID in error whilst in BIOS causing my SSD drive to disappear and no matter what I do it will not come back. I also have a 1 TB HD that was not plugged in at the time i enabled then disabled RAID and this can still be detected by my PC but my SSD cant.

So far i have of course turned RAID off. turned it back to AHCI mode and restarted. I have tried reseting the CMOS by removing battery for 20ish minutes, I have disconnected all drives and reset to defaults in BIOS still nothing.

I came to the conclusion that i must have destroyed my SSD so I bought another one (the same make and model and size) which arrived today. I have installed this and gone to install windows and when i have done so again the SSD is not detected even though this is a brand new different SSD.

so my PC cant detect SSD's but can detect normal hard drives.

this is highly frustrating and I have no idea what to do. BIOS is NOT in RAID mode and have been restored to defaults and loaded optimised settings many times without any progress.

Comp spec -

Intel I5 8400
GTX 1060
Asus Prime H370-A
Corsair Vengeance Ram 16GB
1TB Hard Drive
240GB SSD Kingston x 2 (neither can be detected, one is brand new)

Thanks for reading and any suggestions.