Jan 15, 2012
ok so i am building my own computer and i'm thinking about getting an ssd. i am already getting a 7200 rpm 1 tb hdd and i can only really afford an ssd to hold my operating system and maybe 1 or 2 games and i was wondering if it's worth it to get one at this point. or would it be better to wait until the prices drop and capacity rises for ssds?



Agreed. Waiting isn't going to get you much. Since you are doing a fresh OS install anyway, you might as well get something like a 64gb to hold your OS and one or two games. I have a single 50gb vertex 2 for my system drive and even though it's an older generation, I love the speedy boots. But nowadays I wouldn't get anything less than the 64gb range.
Typically you want to figure a windows + programs will take between 25 -> 35 gigs depending on how many and what programs you install. This is excluding games.

as rolli59 indicated the min size is 60/64 gigs (some have gone as low as 40 gigs, but I do NOT recommend). and rhe recommended size is 80 -> 128 gig. You just missed a sale on the Intel 320, an 80 gig SATA II SSD, for $80 - an oustanding drive at that price.

If you can go upto $110 then :

The 120/128 gig SSDs are currently $180 and up. The agility III can often be found on sale (I have 2 of them and normally do not recommend them).

Yes, SSD price per gig will drop, but my crystal ball is Inoperative. The demand tends to keep the prices up so may be awhile.