SSHD or HDD with SSD Scratch Disk


Jan 2, 2017
My PC is now due to retire and make way for an upgrade, but since I purchased my current PC (several years ago) SSDs and SSHDs seem to have become the big thing. So I've been trying to read up and learn.

So my new PC is based on using programs such as premiere Pro, AfterEffects, PhotoShop and web design. I don't really play games.
And this is what I have in mind so far:

Intel i7 - 6700k 4 Core 4-4.2Ghz (Over Clocked)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
Asus Z170-A Motherboard
16gb DDR4 2133Mhz RAM (2x 8gb)
128gb M.2 PCIe SSD (OS)
2 x Seagate BarraCuda 1TB 7200rpm HDD
Blu-Ray Rewriter
Win10 Home

Budget wise, I can just about stretch to changing the two HHDs to SSHDs (FireCudas) but is it worth it? Either way is it also worth adding a 120gb Scratch disk (SSD)?


I personally own several SSDs from 64GB to 1TB. At the prices they're at today, I don't believe in counting SSHDs as a true comparison to an SSD. They are just slightly faster HDDs in my opinion.

You definitely want an SSD scratch disk, but considering that 256GB SSDs run for about $50 pretty frequently at 500GB ones go for $100, I don't see any reason to go smaller than that. If money is flexible, I'd say Windows on a 256GB SSD, and most programs and work on a 500GB SSD, then a 4TB storage disk for ~$100. I typically partition a larger storage disk like that so that the top 1TB is "short-stroked" to be a faster drive.

On a side note, I feel obligated to suggest you grab faster than 2133MHz DDR4 with a Z170 chipset. The higher speed stuff often costs the same and when you're talking about scratch disks...maybe RAMdisks?...and speed actually matters, there's just no downside to going for 2400MHz or faster, depending on what's on sale on Newegg.

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