SSHD or SSD boot drive /HDD for PC


Nov 16, 2014
Right now, I can get a 2TB SSHD for my PC for $100. I only want the SSD part of it to load the OS faster. Should, I jump on this sale and get the SSHD, or stick with my original plan to buy a 128GB SSD for booting the OS and a 2TB HDD for everything else? Basically, which one would load the OS faster?
The SSD part of that SSHD does catching for the HDD, I don't think you can split the two.

Speed wise SSD is faster then a SSHD and is faster then HDD.

I would stick to two different drives for best performance


SSHD have a very small SSD cache, Most OS are larger then what they offer.

The separate SSD is going to be faster, and you have an easy way to track what is on the SSD vs the HDD. You don't get that with an SSHD.
The nand part of a sshd will not hold what you need and is not very useful.

I would spend the $100 on a 240gb Samsung 750 evo
Many things want to go on the "C" drive, and 120gb can fill up quickly.

And, why boot at all?
Set your pc up so that you sleep to ram(no hibernate).
It is a very low power state.
sleep or wake will only be a few seconds.




With an SSHD, you cannot designate parts of it for specific things. The OS sees it as a single drive.
In addition, the SSD portion is only 8GB, so even if you could split it out, that is far too small to actually do anything with.

240GB+ SSD for the OS and applications, 2TB HDD for all that other stuff.

And having an SSD is far more than just loading the OS faster. Many other benefits.

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