Question SSHD Upgrade Question

Mar 8, 2019
Well, i am planning to upgrade my Hard Disk, it is old since 2010-2011 with 1 tb of space, it is now making noises and slow.

I have searched Amazon for the best choice, am planning to get the FireCuda SSHD from Seagate. I need to get the 2 TB version and i found 3 different products and i can't differentiate them to be honest, i can notice the size difference and naming. What could be the best choice and what is the difference between them?

Choice 1 -

Choice 2 -

Choice 3 -

I will use it for normal files storage and games recording, i already have an SSD for the system and it's running fine and super fast.


For "normal file storage and game recording", the FireCuda SSHD is mostly useless, vs a regular HDD.

The cache portion of the SSHD only comes into play with the Read operation, and only for those data blocks that live in that small cache. Unless youa re referencing the same data over and over, it is simply read at regular HDD speed.
And ALL write operations are done at regular HDD speed.

WD Blue or Seagate Baracuda would be my choice for that use.
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Well the LX001 & LXZ01 are laptop size Harddrives and the Dx002 is a normal desktop pc sized HDD.
The laptop drives spin at 5400rmp's and the desktop is 7200rpm's.

In the case of HDD's, the larger sized drives are faster if all else is the same. This is due to how they work. Like an old record player. The platter (record part) moves faster the further away from the center you are even thou the rate of spin (RPM) hasn't changed. Due to the platter moving faster on the outter portion, those parts read and write faster then the inner parts.

In this case, the laptop hdd's would be slower due to the smaller size and reduced rotating speed.

I agree with USAFRET, save the $30 bucks and get the regular Barracuda. Even if it were goiing to be your boot drive, you'd be much better off with a small SSD over the measly 8gb flash the firecuda has.
$50 250GB MX500 SSD for example.