Review Ssupd Meshroom S Review: Compact Breeze Box

The reviewer has some prices wrong, or perhaps they changed after he submitted his review. The Meshroom S, per their official website, is $169.99 for the case with a PCIe 4.0 riser cable. It's $119.99 for a case with the standard 3.0 riser cable.

I do like the case for its versatility, and I'd buy this over the NZXT H1, for sure.


Dec 11, 2008
This review's comparisons are awful. The Lian Li O11 Mini is not even a close contender. It has three times the volume, or 44.2 liters versus 14.9 liters of Meshroom S! Meanwhile, the Cooler Master NR200 cannot fit four-slot video cards or ATX motherboards.