Question Stability issues with new z390 build

Apr 18, 2019
Hi guys,
I just got a new z390 build -
Asus Z390 Prime-A, i7 8700, corsair 16gb 3200, samsung 970 EVO 512gb M2 NVME and Gigabyte Geforce 1060 6gb.

I also added another old SATA SSD (connected as disk0 whereas the SAMSUNG M2 is connected as disk1 and the windows is installed on the M2 of course).

Ever since I tried installing windows 10 on this PC, i encountered some weird problems that started with windows installation not recognizing my ethernet card (had to press SKIP and only after installation got to install the driver manually), then got a few BSODs (Kernel security check failure) and random restarts and crashes. On the first windows installation it didn't install the microsoft store, so I had tried a few repair methods that didn't work.
After that, I formatted the SSD and reinstalled. Again, it didn't recognize the ethernet card during installation.

When I got the windows working (+microsoft store), I started experiencing some stability issues including the mentioned BSODs (kernel failure), random restarts and so on.

When I'm trying to launch the SFC it says there are corrupted files but it cannot fix them.
Also, I tried using the Windows Memory Check, and that went through OKAY with no errors found.
Plus I performed a drive scan which also was OK.

I also upgraded the BIOS to its latest version, but still no change.

Any possible ideas about what's going on with my desktop before I take it to the store from which i bought it?
Does it make any sense that windows won't recognize my LAN adapter during installation?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!!