Question stable fps -> frametime spikes -> microstuttering -> gsync fault


Jul 21, 2015
Hi I just bought new monitor (Alienware aw2521hfl) becouse I tought my old one ( Viewsonic 2402) was non listed for gsync compatibility list and faulty.

I know now I have two monitors with gsync not working properly.

There is some facts:
Reinstalled windows 10 last patch, gpu drivers, afterburner, pendulum gsync test tool, nothing else.
I have stable high FPS without drops.
My GPU is from mining rig 1080 Ti.
If I cap my max fps into game when I know I reach that fps all the time -> gsync works and its butter smooth experience.
Gsync didnt work when fps are variable I think its becouse that micro spikes, its just too rought road to make it smooth... ( I read that somewhere)
Well in variable fps I saw some micro choppiness more than actual some kind of spikes I guess without gsync I've just seen just spikes.

but gsync still doesent work like it should.,, Should I return my new monitor? Its 400 dollar waste becouse I just bought 30 fps/hz ... on Viewsonic I have capped 138fps and new one 165fps in apex legends I didnt have more than stable 165fps ...
Im really disapponted becouse I really need smooth motion Im high sensitive to it.

ryzen 3600, tomahawk max, 2666 ram, focus platinum 650w, 960 EVO ... all brand new...

Well I figure out its about GPU temps: 75C


And this is 1050Ti .... :_'( I guess I have faulty GPU from mining.


Question is should I repast the GPU? is there any chance to repair it?
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