Question Stand alone tablet that is good as a cellphone


Aug 2, 2006

Two questions, is there a tablet that works as a stand alone phone, thats just as good as a cell phone for calls, text and web browsing. And im not speaking of skype, discord, hangouts or any work around calling system and doesn't require wifi or hotspots but is just as reliable and works off cell towers like a real cell phone. but a tablet that will out of the box without mods or alterations of any kind will work just as good as a phone. The bigger the screen the better.

Btw i assume yes i would look funny holding a tablet to my head but i assume a nice set of ear buds with mic would solve that? if so recommendations.

Last but not least. i think smart watches are cool, most connect through your cell phone, is there a matching smartwatch that would work with such a tablet, without having to use wifi or hot spots or having a separate cellular plan.

I would love to skip the pocket-able cell phone and just have the big screen tablet or the portable watch thats always there for calls and texts. Might not exist but dam we are near 2020, why not?

Thanks for all that give advice, btw i will be sticking with tmobile so it would need to work on their network.