Question Standard GTX 750 no signal of death

Jul 7, 2019
This problem has been widely brought up but from looking over what seems like hundreds most seem to be smaller personal issues or most seem to be for first time startups on PCS. I have been properly using this GTX 750 no overclocking for like a year and a half.

Today I went to change my desk out and I basically left my entire setup almost completely intact throughout as there was no need to really unplug it all. When I finally had to I did and basically did to just immediately reconnect it to find out that my lovely graphics card has just stopped working.

The fans are still spinning indicating that it would be working, and it was literally working just minutes prior to being unplugged which I should also mention didn't cause any stress/damage to the ports or the card itself. Since I have tried removing it, dusting it, and slot switching.

My "build" is very very simply and is just the cheap HP Elite 8300 SFF with the addition of the graphics card. I have it connected to my monitor via HDMI. And it is just some standard Acer monitor. I don't have access to onboard graphics so I can't see if the card is showing up in dev manager or anything like that. But if anyone knows what could be causing this please let me know! Thank you in advance!


Jan 1, 2014
Its hard to see in these SFF cases but make sure the GPU PCIe pins are seated meaning you can not see them with a flashlight.

Information: Most of the SSF systems use a small wattage PSU. In your case its 240 watts I looked it up. The GTX 750 ( I hope its a low profile ) on the products page states it requires a 300 watt PSU. That said it may still work I seen the Nvidia 1050ti work fine in a SSF.
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