Question Standby vs shut-down - security issues?

Apr 3, 2020
Hi everyone,

my colleagues and I usually use standby mode when we leave the office/ stop working.
Now a friend of mine suggested that there are security issues than can be exploited, especially when in homeoffice.

Is that actually true?
From my understanding you can not access the computer in standby but I might be completely wron.

Thanks a lot!
When a computer goes to sleep, information stays in the RAM, including sensitive information like encryption keys. A successful cold boot attack could see an adversary extract this information from a sleeping computer. Not that a hacker would attack a random hameoffice company, but still.

Hard drive should be encrypted, requiring a pin or password pre-boot. Companies should implement this advice by configuring their computers to hibernate after a period of inactivity and require the pre-boot password or PIN to be entered when starting the device.

That said, Windows 10 has a robust defense against common attacks via core isolation (check if it's ON in Windows Security) and secure boot. Sleeping device is in no more danger then when it's ON, so implementing any persistent defense helps 24/7