Stange characters on bootup and lines alll over the screen


Jul 22, 2009
Hi not totally sure this a GPU problem but seems likely - I have a PC running Windows XP with a ASUS Commando Motherboard and a nVidia 8800GTX GPU. I returned from a work trip to find that when the PC boots up it has weird characters in amongst the normal boot up text. It does load into Windows (though I had to first load in Safe Mode) where I downloaded the latest nVidia drivers, updated the MOBO Bios and a few other things but nothing has helped. In Windows the screen is very slow though the quality is still there and the screen has red squiggly lines running top to bottom right across the screen.

I figure it is likely the GPU but not sure - does anyone have any suggestions? The PC is reasonably new - 18 mths old. My son loads various games onto it and I believe that was the last thing before the current problems.

I have run GPU-Z and the card is running at about 61C at idle.
I tried cleaing out all dust with a compressed air jet - it was pretty dusty - but the problem is still there - help????