News Start 11 Comes To The Rescue of Windows 11 Menu Haters


Jan 12, 2021
Always good to have options. Something like this was required for Windows 8. But it feels little early for it for Windows 11. It's possible MS just hasn't gotten to filling in all the details yet for their Start/Taskbar updates. They got the main part working and might add some of the additional options before release. But, I could be wrong as well. In which case I will be looking at something like this. Not so much for the Start Menu. I don't particularly mind the Win 11 Start menu. It's different but whatever, I can deal with that. The Taskbar options need help though. Not having the option to Never Combine and no text and no left/right docking options is a big deal for me.

great Unknown

Dec 23, 2014
The comparison to Windows 8 does not portend well. Let's hope this menu issue is an artifact of a rolling, rushed introduction and will be soon solved.