[SOLVED] Start Menu, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, and Settings not working

Jul 1, 2019
After resetting my MSI laptop, Start Menu, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, and settings are not functioning.

Start Menu and Cortana are unresponsive when I left click their icons and won't open with keyboard shortcuts.
Microsoft Edge has vanished from the task bar and when I try to open it using the run tool I am instead greeted with an error message saying, "File system error (-2147219196)."
When using the run tool to open settings, an error message appears saying, "Package could not be registered."

I am unable to view my full laptop specs because I cannot open settings, but I have an Intel i7-7700HQ processor and a GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card.

I have attempted various solutions from across the web, such as creating a new administrator account, using the CMD tool to reinstall Cortana, using powershell "/scannow," booting up in safe mode, and even performing another clean reset on my laptop to no avail. I cannot access the Internet on my laptop because Microsoft Edge is non-functional, and therefore, I cannot download and use the Media Creation Tool.
This is not the first time I reset my laptop, but it is the first time I have experienced these issues. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



I don't like resets, you better off clean installing rather than hoping a reset will work. It could be I just see the results of broken resets, but it sure seems to happen a lot

I would download the media creation tool on another PC and clean install current one as clearly its borked. IN safe mode, copy anything you need off boot drive, and blow it all away.

follow this guide: https://forums.tomshardware.com/faq/how-to-do-a-clean-installation-of-windows-10.3170366/