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My Taskbar has Moved
a.. The taskbar is locked by default in XP, other operating system may or may not be locked. Right click a blank area of the taskbar, choose Lock The Taskbar on the menu if it is already ticked, else press escape or click away from the menu.
b.. Press Ctrl + Esc to open the Start Menu
c.. Press Esc to close the Start Menu but leaves it selected
d.. Press Alt + Space to open the System Menu for a window
e.. Press M to select Move (the M is underlined) on the System Menu
f.. then press an arrow key till the mouse cursor is in the middle, then down arrow till it reaches the bottom. Watch the mouse cursor as the taskbar snaps so won't do anything till the mouse cursor is 1/2 way. Note the arrow keys are moving the mouse cursor not the mouse.
g.. press Enter to accept changes or Esc to cancel the move.
The taskbar can also be dragged with the mouse unless it locked.

"Jimmy" <Jimmy@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message news:F44CDFA9-F456-41C4-B5C8-C42C5076F778@microsoft.com...
> My start menu has moved to the upper right hand corner. How do I get it back
> to the lower left.