[SOLVED] Start Steam first time in invisible mode


Jun 1, 2017
Please read what is actually being asked. Please do not harass me with 'why though' if you have an answer then I am eternally grateful. So.

I've been set to invisible on steam for about 4 months now, private reasons, I'm not getting into it. I've recently got a new SSD and Windows 10 install. When I reinstall steam and start it for the FIRST TIME I want to be set as invisible. Not I'll just come online and I'll set myself as invisible. That's not what I asked. I know how to change a status once logged in. Is there any possible way I can have steam load me in for the first time as invisible?

Kind regards
doesnt seems to be possible
there is command for it
steam://friends/status/invisible which you can type in web browser, but steam has to be running first, if its not running and you use it, steam will launch with online status