Sep 4, 2011
Sometimes when I turn my computer on, it doesn't exactly turn on when it should. I can hear my GPU rev up to make for about a second and then rev down to normal. Then it'll turn on. Or it'll do that process over and over and my screens won't register because it's still technically not on. Sometimes after about 10 seconds it finally turns on. Any ideas? Think it might be my drivers for my GPU's or my SSD driver?
I was installing my GPU driver when I installed my SSD driver and my SSD driver shut my computer off. I wasn't sure if my GPU driver was complete it's installation so maybe that's it? Any help would be nice. I don't want to mess with anything yet unless I or anyone else has some kind of idea.
GPU drivers don't come into play until Windows starts up. a SSD issue shouldn't cause this type of thing to happen. What are your computer specs, including PSU.

Maybe try reseating the graphics card, but my first thought is that this is PSU related, or it could be the MB.