started to expirence packet loss for 2-3 sec in 2-3 mins interval from yesterday

Unfortunately there is no way to be sure where the problem is. Every node show issues with loss. The first router you see that has issue is in hop3. If the 2 hops before it had no problems them you could say it way hop3. Since hop1 and hop2 are configured to not respond to the tool you have no way to know if those 2 hops have issues or not.

It is highly likely the problem is in the first 2 hops but you have no way to tell with this tool.

You could try a normal tracert to get the IP addresses and then hope a actual ping command will get a response from those hops. You would then manually do what pingplotter is doing seeing if those devices are having issues or not.

If I had to guess since you have 2 wifi signals. The wifi between your pc and the phone is likely ok. The problem likely is the mobile broadband wireless signal going between your phone and the cell tower. That is just a guess though based on the most common problems people have.
Nov 11, 2018
hmm i think it was my isp it fixed it self thanks a lot i ll use tracert next time!
and a off ques can i revert back these changes of toms hardware i liked old one more.