Starting a VPN Business from Home


Jan 6, 2013
Hi guys,

I just built an Ubuntu Server running 12.04 LTS Precise and I'm wondering how I could go about starting a VPN business from this server at home and what would be the limitations of doing this?

Currently my ISP provides 30mbps/19mbps up and the server is wired up through Gigabit ethernet.

The CPU is an A8 Lano processor if that makes any difference.

I am aware of solutions from OpnVPN server where you have to purchase 10 client accounts and the potential use of WMHS with a VPN script.

Do I really need a a billing/account software for this?

Do I need to limit the data transfer for each client or can I provide unmetered connections?

I have a good niche market that I want to target that most other "bigger" VPN providers don't target.
Your largest issue is going to be only having a single IP address. If you run a router it is even worse since then you have NAT to deal with..which makes vpn very tough.

Depends what you are allowing a single bit torrent user can easily wipe almost any bandwidth you can buy. Streaming video is not much better. You are doubling plus the vpn overhead all the traffic.