Question Startup freezes when I try to install Windows on my Chromebook ?

Dec 7, 2022
I’ve been trying to install windows 7 on my chromebook (hp11 g5), but when the first dots appear it freezes. It’s not just my chromebook, I tried to install it on my primary computer which is a HP-15-dy2093dx. I know the ISO file works because it works when I run it in a vm.

anyone have an idea on what the problem is and what to fix?


Retired Mod
Windows 7 is end of life. It has no support anymore, including for drivers, updates or anything. Besides which, you can't install Windows 7 on a Chromebook. Not easily or for the most part even functionally for that matter.

Your other computer, hard to say. Could be a number of things but if I was trying to install it on a desktop, which I wouldn't because I know I could install Windows 10 which is far superior and could simply use my Windows 7 license key to do it, and it wouldn't install, I'd be sure to create a new installation media before anything else.

None of which changes the fact that Windows cannot simply "be installed" on a Chromebook.