Question Startup issue, stuck in EFI shell ?

Jul 21, 2021

Newbie here... Have a Xplore Xslate D10 ruggedized tablet with permanent SSD 64GB drive. Windows 10 Pro crashed and I went to reload it, I inadvertently wiped the partitions (thought I could clean it up and only have 1, admittingly a failure upon my inexperience) and now it only boots to an EFI shell mode. I have tried to load a USB but the unit only goes blank/no display. I believe I could load from network as I can get into the Bios and setup boot modes.

Open for any suggestions on performing via network boot.


Question regarding "permanent SSD 64GB drive " - are you able to verify the SSD drive size? Source of disk size information?

Any other disk drives that are not permanent?

Windows 10 should be installed on at least a 240 GB drive.

Overall, you probable need to start completely over with a clean Windows install.


I am also moving your post from "Windows 10" to "Storage".

There may be other questions or suggestions regarding the disk drive(s).
Jul 21, 2021
Verified that it is a 64GB SSD drive (standard in Xplore Xslate product line).
I had thought it was removable which is why I figured I could wipe it and start from new -but in disassembling the unit found that it is soldered on.

A "clean windows install" would be great if I the system would boot from usb port using a USB drive or external CD...but it wont boot from them, which is the main issue.

Again, asking if anyone is familiar with setting up an OS via LAN connection.

Thoughts? Anyone?