Question Startup issues [mouse lag, low CPU usage, long program startup period, I9-9900k]


Mar 22, 2010
Greetings, I am experiencing new issues with this new i9 build.

I9-9900k (stock speeds)
Swiftech H360X3 AIO cooler
ASRock Z390 Taichi
G.Skill TridentZ DDR4 3000 (2x8gb) (XMP, stock speeds)
Corsair k70 (iCue installed)
ASUS ROG Gladius II (Armory installed)
MSI GTX1080 (drivers updated several times)
Windows 10

I was not experiencing any of the issues listed. I swapped everything else from my old system. CPU temps are around 30C during startup. Windows is installed on an SSD partition. Formatted boot partition and reinstalled windows. Only one audio driver is active (USB Schiit DAC+AMP, no realtek!) Not using selective startup services. Changing user profiles from standard to admin does nothing. It's been a day 1 issue.

I can't think of any other relevant hardware info I can provide.

I took some time logs of the startup processes.

From power button push to windows welcome screen/login screen : 22s
Key press (for entering password) to windows background: 48s....subtract 2s for physically typing password
Startup services to load and to begin to run idly: 2m32s
Total 3.7 minutes

Issue details:

There is input delay when logging on. Entering my password is laggy and stuttering. System is completely unresponsive during these periods of delay.
Once services and programs are loading, my mouse pointer will smoothly and precisely move to where I want, but in slow motion. CPU usage doesn't exceed 13% usage during this time. No program shows it using heavy power usage. None of these issues were present in my old system.

Startup programs enabled:
Google Chrome
NahimicAPI (ASUS mouse)
NVIDIA Container
Windows Security notifications

If anyone has questions or solutions on how to shorten these times, I would gratefully appreciate you.
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Mar 22, 2010
The cause was one of these startup programs. The time is down to 46s from power button to idle with everything disabled. I suspect it's either the keyboard or mouse software.