Question Static audio between 2 computers


Feb 26, 2016
I have 2 computers hooked up. One for gaming, one for streaming. I have audio transferring between them via 3.5mm audio cable.

I use the streaming pc to stream to twitch, as well as stream tv and movies and such. This is done over the 3.5mm audio cable, where as the stream audio and video is sent over an hdmi cable to a capture card.

My issue is that I can hear a very loud audible grinding noise than turns into a high pitch whine in games. It might be coil whine, not sure. But I was able to severely reduce the volume of it while still doing everything without hearing it unless I maxed out my volume. This was well over a year ago and not sure how I did it.

Its back and worse than ever and now I can't figure out how to get rid of it. The sound only occurs over the 3.5mm cable, if I unplug it it goes away.

I need a work around or solution to this issue. I'm open to anything that can allow me to transfer audio from my streaming pc to my gaming pc, as long as I can route it to my headphones. Which I use voicemeeter banana for.