Question Static from PC and Keyboard

Jun 4, 2020
(Copy and Paste Text from Reddit Post) last post I did I had a problem with an outlet. It gave me a shock of electricity. So I completely switched to the other side of the room and used the outlet there and there were absolutely no shocks from that. I was gonna call an electrician to fix the outlet that was shocking me. But I went and got a couple of different extensions and routed them to the outlet that DID NOT shock me be. But now for some reason it does shock me through the PC. I feel like that part of the room generates electricity or might be cursed :p

Any ideas? I might just keep using the pc anyways cause I'm bored as hell and have nothing to do..
Yeah, don't use something like that unless you are bored enough to have to replace your entire computer. A small surge strip or UPS might solve the problem temporarily, but the wiring is not done right for it to shock like that.