Static ip address share among other people?


Aug 21, 2009
somehow alot of file sharing site like deposite file and bitshare alway say download limited has be reached when i havent download anything in days or weeks. it that because some guy with same ip downloaded or someone hack into my interner to download?

i am at uk with static ip address from utility warehouse.(i think with bt package)
Just because you have an internal static IP address doesn't mean your public address isn't changing. Your internal static IP address is most likely a private address that never makes it out onto the internet. Instead it's NAT'ed with your public WAN address.

In short, your ISP would have to assign you a static IP which usually costs more.
It means someone else may have had that IP address and used up the download limit. This address was then reassigned to your computer so now the site thinks you used up the download limit. Give the site a chance to reset it's limit and you should start working again.


Jan 26, 2012
Yes, public IP (shared with tons of users in your warehouse) -> NAT -> private static IP. It doesnt download using your static IP. Your public IP may be which the company bought, and like what hawkeye said, may be used by someone. You will use that 119. ip to download and make contact with the internet instead of your private static ip which may be which you have and may seems impossible for others to have it. It's a subnet for your company to communicate within yourselves. Hope it's layman enough.