Static IP running slow, netgear router, MC OS

Jun 4, 2018
Hi There,

Hoping someone can help. I work for a nonprofit where I'm basically IT, management, help desk....all the things. I'm usually pretty computer savvy with most basic things, but having some major issues setting up our static IP. Usually I'm able to research and figure it out myself, but everything I've found looks like latin to me. So if someone could please help explain this in "static IP's for dummies" terms, that would be amazing.

Some details, we are currently based in a Regus Office (shared office space). We are on their internet, but they have assigned us static IP info in order for our connection to be more secure. Wireless here works perfectly. No one else in the office seems to be having issues with the speed of the wired internet either so I'm sure it's something wrong with our setup.

I currently am using a netgear router. I have set that up to my MacOS High Sierra, version 10.13.4. I used the static IP info provided to us (we were given an IP, SM, GW, and DNS) and entered it into the router portal by going to, clicking on the internet option and filling out the provided static IP info into the fields provided. The last portion on this page asks 'Router MAC address" and I selected 'use this MAC address'. Not sure if that was the correct selection.

After filling in this info, I"m connected to the internet, but at a slow pace. Even google barely loads.

Under preferences>network>ethernet, I have not touched anything. I believe maybe this is where I'm going wrong? Do I need to match it up to the static IP info that I setup in the router? Right now I have configure IPv4 setup to using DHCP.

I hope this is enough info to help. I would really like to utilize the static IP as we have info we would like to keep secure. Thanks in advance for the help!


Sounds like your PC is working. Run a DNS leak test and then ping the DNS that you're using. See if it's very high latency.

Ask what bandwidth allocation you should be getting and run some speed tests.

The ISP may have given the building a fixed amount of bandwidth and all the ips they gave you are sharing it. If the building is constantly maxed that is going to be an issue.