Static Noise Flex 5-14ARE05 Laptop (ideapad) - Type 81X2


Mar 22, 2020
I have a Lenovo Flex 5 that I just purchased. I also purchased a Lenovo Hybrid USB-C dock 40AF0135US to go along with it.

My lenovo makes a quite yet noticeable low pitched grindy/clicky/static noise from the left side of the laptop near the USB-C port. My old Dell also started making the same noise after plugging the Lenovo Hybrid dock into it over USB-A. Is there something from the dock that could be causing it. It continues even after unplugging the dock, but is diminished. My old Dell also just recently started making the same noises, so I thought maybe the dock messed it up somehow. I am unsure what may be cuasing the sound.

When I plug the provided USB-C power supply into the lenovo flex 5, the noise increases to a similar level as when the dock is plugged in.
The Dell makes the noise when its barrel supply cable is plugged in.

Could the power supply for the dock (it uses a 135w AC adapter) be faulty and somehow overpowered my brand new laptop and caused damage?

Does charging a laptop cause that noise? Could there be something funky with the Lenovo Dock and DisplayLink adapters? I appreciate any input.