Question Static noise / white noise in monitor speakers / motherboard advise needed

Feb 1, 2021

I'm struggling with my monitor speakers since I've replaced them.

I'm making some music with my computer and used to record with Steingerb UR12 interface connected with Presonus Eris 3.5 speakers (RCA). I've decided to replace those speakers by Yamaha HS5 and here problems began. I'm hearing some kind of static noise in the speakers. Don't know if they are more sentitive (frequency range ?) or because they are bigger (maybe sound was here before but I didn't notice). Whatever this is very annoying. I've read lots of things on the Net as many people face the same issue without any real solution (none of them worked for me).

First static sound is always here. More obvious when I move the mouse or when I open an application such as browser or lightroom for example. I can even hear the sound when sticking my ear to the back of the computer. Something related to USB isolation maybe.

What I did (and that didn't solve issue)
  • Plugged speakers on a separated power outlet
  • Changed RCA cabling to Balanced Jack, which necessitated changing audio interface as well : this is now a Focusrite 2i2 3rd GEN.
  • Tried different USB ports, including USB-C port on the front panel
  • Turn Off monitor, Wifi, LAN, Case RGB
  • Lower Winfdows volume doesn't change a thing, noise is always here, at the same level
  • Tried a bluetooth mouse instead of my usual wireless one
What Ididn't do yet but will try sooner: Change the PSU. I wanted to change it anyway becase hearing some kind of "disk access" noise when sollicitated. Will update this post when it's done (moving from Gigabyte P850GM to Corsair RM850x v2).

But I doubt it will work (cross fingers). Seems like a bad USB isolation on the motherboard (or some other component "bleeding"), which is not exactly a low end one = Gigabyte Aorus Elite x570. If at the end I need replacement, how can I be sure of a good choice (I've seen similar issues on other MB models).

Any advise is welcome.