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Question Static or distorted issue

Nov 9, 2019
So i wanted to upgrade my pc in terms of video card after buying and testing it out it was fine at first, but as i play games that are high quali like MHW, Dota 2, and CSGO it lead to a distortion or flickering of my monitor, but as i closes the app it goes back to stable form. Flickering, distortion, or static happens and losses signal. I've been fixing in terms of underclocking already, but it persists. Though with this distortion the game is still running and i can hear sounds, and i'm still able to click to settings, but for a short time only like seconds. So the new video card is Asus Rog radeon 470x and Amd A8 of proce and i don't the know exact of my PSU but i think its 500W, and my monitor is new with a 60hz. Please help i think i might have cause a bottleneck for this 😥 any opinion is a very big thanks