Question Static Routing Between Two Local Networks ?


Jan 3, 2012
It has been a while since I have been here, I see USAFRet is still here. I thought I would be able to work through this issue, but I have been unable to get it to work. My network configuration is a unique due to my geographic location. I am currently stationed at Kadena AFB in Japan and need both local IP internet and VPN based USA internet as many websites have geography blocked other countries. In reverse of most of these situations I need the Japan IP numbers to access my streaming services Netflix, Hulu, Disney, amazon as the bases IP numbers have been unblocked by the service providers. It is other websites that cause issues with geo blocking and japan IP addresses like banks and cellphone providers etc.

To make this work I have two routers: one main router (Japan side) connected to the ISP and another router plugged into the main router permanently connected to the VPN. The VPN router is connected to the main router in the following manner (Main Router LAN port) to (VPN router WAN port) this setup works great and has provided no issues for almost 2 years.

The Problem:

I do not want to have to keep disconnecting and reconnecting networks to manage hardware on the VPN side. I thought static routing on the main router would resolve this issue but is not working and times out. The Main router is the VPN router is on the main side. The VPN router lists as the WAN IP and is on its network. In my main router ASUS RT-AC 86U I have setup static routing in the following way; network host, netmask, Gateway, metric I have tried 0 and 1 neither work, interface is set to LAN. Like I said it is not working. I would think based on these settings that traffic from would be routed to for distribution on I have made no settings on the VPN router. However now that I am typing this out, I think the packets may be getting to the devices on the VPN side but are being returned through the VPN tunnel to the USA completely bypassing the main router on the return. However, this may not be the case as I can access the main network fron the VPN side, Thoughts?




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