Question Static Wavy Horizontal Lines VGA Monitor

Oct 5, 2022
Monitor: AOC E2070SWNE
Graphics: Default Graphics card from AMD A10

So I've had this monitor since 2017, and ever since, it had this band of semitransparent lines, more like an inch wide. It keeps going up the screen over and over.

Here's a video about it.
(18) Horizontal static lines going up and down - YouTube

As you can see on the video, every 2 seconds theres a 1 inch band of static lines that go up from the bottom of the screen. So I tried testing it with my laptop, and it didn't have the wavy static lines. So I figured it must be something with my PC that is making it like that. But I can't figure it out.
I've tested 4 VGA cables already and still the same. Refresh rate? I'm fixed on 59. Idk why it's not 60, I can't change the settings. The cable of the power and monitor are separate as I've read on other forums. Please help! Thank you