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Question Steam and Speed Test are just fine but all browsers and command prompt downloads are at 600ish KiB/s


Jun 7, 2019
Hiya, normally my downloads are just fine up until two days ago. I noticed this when I was downloading a 2 gig folder on Mega and saw it was taking almost 30 minutes for something that's usually a minute or two.
Checked Speed Test, just fine. I checked Steam game download speeds, the usual as well.
I also use youtube-dl to download videos and its getting the same speeds as Mega and my browser, very slow and kinda infuriating.
Did the usual router reset, twice now.
Checked all 3 browsers installed on my PC and different sources to download from, so it's not just slow servers on the other end.
I can't find any program that would be capping specific downloads and changing the DNS had no luck.
Temporarily turned off Windows Defender and Firewall, same issue.
I tried to see maybe if it was an ISP slow down but with my VPN on, it's exactly the same.
This has been tested on two different drives, an SSD and an external, so I don't think it's a hardware performance issue.
Honestly, I'm stumped.
Would appreciate any advice or help, thanks in advance!