Steam associated websites won't load


Mar 25, 2010
Hi there I have for the past few weeks not been able to load any Valve associated website to be more precise Steam website on my pc. Doeesn't matter whether I use IE, CHROME or FIREFOX. There always appears to be a Gate Way timeout error. This all started about a week ago. Yesterday I still had Steam installed on my computer and Steam Store page in Steam would also not load. Any other game website by Valve also doesn't load. THis error always appears:

Gateway Timeout
The following error occurred:
 A gateway timeout occurred. The server is unreachable. Retry the request.

 Please contact the administrator. 

So today I checked if its only like that on my computer, so I tried loading Steam on my parents computer and it gave me the same error. 

This link is a discussion on the same problem as I have, I put it there just to give you a bit of background information :) 
Please can someone help me 



Jul 21, 2006
Any way you can try using a different Internet connection to see if the problem persists? If it works using a different Internet connection you have narrowed the problem down to your ISP, your network or your router.

If you are using a router, you could also try disconnecting it from the modem and connecting the modem directly to your computer. Remember to reboot the modem after doing so as it probably limits you to connecting one device to it and it will remember your router until it has been rebooted.

You can also try running a ping or traceroute. Go to a command prompt and type ping <website address> where <website address> is the hostname of the website you are trying to get to. I.E. if the page you are trying to reach is then the hostname is

When you do the ping, look to see if it is resolving the name to an IP address. If it does not it will say something like unknown host. If it resolved to an IP address then you know DNS is working.

If DNS is working then try running tracert <hostname> to see how far the packets get. You can look at where the packets go and if they drop off at some point then you can make an educated guess as to where the problem lies based upon where the packets drop off.