News Steam Deck Edges Nearer to Release: Carrying Case and Packaging Revealed

Good to know they've stuck to a similar style of packaging as their previous hardware stuffs.

The only outliers I remember have been the Controller (still cardbox, but fancy) and the full Index package, but that one is a bit more understandable. It is a massive box xD

In any case, I like this as a trend. More businesses need to be less fancy and more eco-friendly if they can. The whole "unboxing experience" is such an overrated stupid thing.



Dec 12, 2019
Seeing an official press photo of an unmarked brown cardboard box was far more amusing to me than it should have been. Good job Valve. More companies should go with the plain cardboard box. I'm not interested in paying for the design and manufacturing of unnecessarily complicated boxes like the ones AMD and Intel do for their high end CPU's.